Week 3

I remember my first update fondly - the world was so much simpler in those times… freshly resigned, full of ideas and possibilities I felt like the whole world was my oyster. But then things started to change. Suddenly it wasn’t quite as much fun to work at home, the novelty of running every day was wearing off, and executing on my ideas was a lot less fun then dreaming about them (debugging integration errors anyone?).

I also discovered ~3 well-funded companies already well established for every idea I had. And all that novel code I wanted to write for A/B Testing on iOS? Well, there’s 2 people who’ve already written it. Jerks! So, there were a few tough days in there, but I expected that this would happen and adjusting the plan has to be part of the fun, right?

I spent a lot of the time thinking through the problem space and one thing kept coming back to me – while all this great stuff is already out there, no one in my network has heard about any of them, and it isn’t easy to find on Bing or Google even when you already know what you’re looking for. My big realization for week 2 is that maybe there is more value in getting the word out, then actually being the one to build all this stuff for the first time. With this realization, I sketched out the first mission statement for Much Finer (first of many I expect!).

Project Update

  • Much Finer Social Launch - following the writing of my first mission statement, I published a blog and a sign up page for the tool. (using the baron press blog engine I wrote last week). Thank to the ~300 people who read the mission statement and the 8 new followers to the much finer twitter account. As an experiment I paid Facebook $6.99 to promote my launch post and I wasn’t too impressed with the results below (or the experience).

results of my Facebook promoted post experiment

  • Quickturn App - I’ve been making good progress on the app using Ruby on Rails. It feels like 60% configuration and 40% glue code. Not the most creative outlet, but Rails is a really impressive framework with an enormous community. I’m using the Devise/Cancan authentication system, and the excellent Trello to manage user stories and work items.
  • Office Space - the good folks at Parkio have generously allowed me to chill with them in their awesome capitol hill offices. It is amazing how much a great workspace improves happiness and productivity. Not quite as great as the Bing Design Studio, but we’re making progress. Best find this week? Have you team all sign into a Turntable.fm room and see who’s the best DJ. Great way to further relationships within a team and learn about new music. (I learned what Dubstep was this week).

While it finally feels like work again, there is a silver lining in that - creating real things is much more satisfing than dreaming about them. Back to work!

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